La nature

Indulge in the luxury of nature

Immerse yourself in the native bushland as you explore the extensive walking trails around Tanonga. Discover the natural billabong and permanent spring and marvel at stunning views and intriguing glimpses.

Keep your eyes open for the abundant native flora and fauna you may discover along the way… or simply sit back and enjoy it all from the comfort and serenity of your luxury eco villa.



Yellow tailed black cockatoo

Critically endangered species

These birds are found on the property and in the area from early to mid-November through to May, migrating to north western Eyre Peninsula for the winter months (June-August). The yellow tailed black cockatoo is one of the few birds which has adapted to eating nuts from introduced pinus species. The male and female birds are similar; the adult male has a red eye ring and is approx 60 cm in size.

Supurb Blue Wren2

Superb blue wren

This bird is commonly found in small pockets of remnant vegetation, especially with thicker under-story. The male is very territorial during the breeding season and will often attack its own reflection in a window. The brilliant blue male plumage contrasts strongly with the plain brown of the female. Young males are brown with a blue tail for the first three years when not breeding, then they retain their full colour all year round. These birds are normally found in small family groups of 6-8 with all assisting in feeding the nestlings, with birds feeding on insects. In winter groups of 40-50 birds can be seen feeding.

Striated pardalote

Striated pardalote

Usually out of sight in the tree tops searching every leaf fro insects and small spiders, this bird would be hard to locate if not for their continuous “be quick, be quick” call. They nest in rock crevasses, old buildings and tree hollows, breed locally with sexes identical and grow to 10 cm.



Thelymitra nuda (Blue sun orchid)

With a height to 600 mm and few to several flowers, 20-40 mm in diameter, this orchid has blue, white or mauve inside colouring, and outside colouring which is slightly reddish or green. It flowers from September to November.



Astroloma conostephionides (Flame heath)

A prostrate shrub formatting mats 30-40 cm across and up to 30 cm high, the leaves have a blue-green tinge and are prickly. Flowers have tubular red corollas encased in many overlapping bracts and the fruit is a small berry, tinged red. This plant flowers most of the year, particularly in autumn and is found in the hilly parts of Eyre Peninsula.



Acacia myrtifolia (Myrtle wattle)

This is an erect bushy shrub which grows from 1-2 metres and flowers in the early spring (September) and is common.

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