Sweet water sanctury

‘Tanonga’ has the aboriginal meaning ‘sweet water’ referring to the permanent spring, billabong and creek running through the 100 hectare property.

On early settlement maps ‘Tanonga’ was an established homestead and farming property.

Today, thanks to the efforts of your hosts Michael and Jill Coates, Tanonga boasts vast tracts of stunning natural and regenerating native forest, as well as traditional farming land.

Deliberate corridor plantings of over 25,000 native trees, shrubs, understorey grasses and sedges have successfully recreated the woodlands of sheok grass and sugar gum that once dominated the local landscape.

And with this wonderful rejeneration, the natural wildlife has returned in abundance.

Over 100 bird species have been recorded in the area, including rare, vulnerable and endangered species such as the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo – now often found feeding on the Aleppo pines (Pinus halepensis) on Tanonga from November to March.

Look closer to the ground during winter and early spring and discover a vast array of flowering local plants and orchids.

This wildlife paradise is all yours to discover. Relax, unwind and take it all in from the comfort of your private, luxury eco villa, or get out amongst it all as you explore the extensive walking trails on Tanonga.

Find out more about flora and fauna on Tanonga.


Sensitive and sustainable

The luxury eco lodges at Tanonga were designed by architect Gianni Zandel to embrace the principles of eco sensitivity both in design and construction. Care was taken from the onset to minimise energy, water, waste and fuel use throughout the building phase, and beyond.

Staying at Tanonga is a wonderful way to experience the splendor of nature and architecture working together to produce a uniquely luxurious, sensitive and sustainable environment.

It’s total luxury without the guilt.

Features include passive design, solar power, double glazed windows and an organic worm treatment for waste water. Experience first-hand how these principles positively contribute to the environment, and to your sense of well being.

Find out more about the design features of Tanonga eco villas.

At Tanonga you really can indulge in the luxury of nature


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tanonga luxury eco lodge sa scenery feb14 20150814102407 q75dx1920y u1r1g0c